Our story

At Energy Space we believe that current UK energy performance standards can, and should, be massively improved on. Extra insulation installed correctly costs little extra in terms of time and money, and it will begin paying for itself in reduced heating bills within one year.

Other green building techniques such as passive solar design & orientation, airtight construction with heat recovery ventilation, natural/low energy lighting and sustainable material selection can all be included too, and at a very competitive price.

The benefits are huge. Energy Space buildings are affordable at the outset and will save you money during their lifetime simply because they ost so little to heat, light and cool. The benefits of reducing carbon emissions for future generations are already well documented. So it’s a win-win situation: sustainable and affordable.

Energy Space Ltd is managed by Aaron Priestman (BA/MSc). In 2005, Aaron completed an MSc in Environmental Architecture at the Centre of Alter ative Technology, and since then has been designing and constructing low energy garden buildings. Aaron manages a highly skilled team, specialise in sustainable construction. They are efficient, focused and courteous.